Why Russian covid certificates are not recognized in EU

Negotiations between Russia and the European Union (EU) on mutual recognition of COVID certificates were delayed due to the disagreement of the parties on the verification of digital documents. Such a reason called “Interfax” with reference to the sources.

According to the agency’s interlocutor, the tools of verification of digital carpet certificates become a stumbling block. ” The Russian QR code is a reference to the State Service portal, and the European Green Passport (Green Pass) itself contains information about vaccinated or passing.

Europeans insist on the use of their platform, but in this case the unification of the two systems is associated with the transfer of Russia’s personal data to third parties, “the insider told. In turn, Russia opposes data transfer, so the compromise between the two parties has not yet been reached.

The negotiation process on mutual recognition of certificates of vaccination may continue in 2022.