Will be replaced by Chinese? USA “froze” Brazil’s request for purchase Javelin

Washington will freeze Brazil’s application for the purchase of 220 Javelin anti -tank missiles with a total value of about $ 100 million, Reuters reports with reference to sources.

According to the publication, the reason for this was the claims of American senators to the fact that Brazilian President Zhair Bolsonaru made “attacks” on the electoral system of his own country.

Brazil applied for the acquisition of Javelin even with the ex-president of the United States Donalde Trump. The State Department approved this initiative at the end of 2021, despite the objections of several high -ranking American officials. The sources of the publication argue that the confidential transaction between Brazil and the USA, which was not previously reported, was delayed against the backdrop of how Donald Trump questioned the holding of the presidential elections in Brazil, which are scheduled for October 2. If the United States officially rejects the application, Brazil may consider the purchase of Chinese anti-tank missile systems HJ-12, which are a cheaper version of Javelin.