Will it wait for war in coming weeks?

The likelihood that Russia will attack Ukraine in the coming weeks exceeds 50 percent. Moreover, regardless of how the round of security negotiations scheduled for January 10-13 is completed on January 10-13 and Washington. About this Rebecca Coffler, a former US military intelligence officer, an analyst of strategic intelligence in the center of the Lindsey Group, writes in his article published on the Fox News TV channel website.

Coffeeler, by the way, is the author of the book “Putin’s rules: the secret plan of Russia on victory over America.”

The author believes that the news of returning to the place of permanent deployment of 10 thousand Russian military personnel from troops deployed in the field camps of the southern regions of Russia bordering Ukraine, deceptive maneuver. Most likely, this transformation of troops does not reduce the offensive potential of the compounds of the Russian army focused on the Ukrainian direction. “Putin, then increasing, then reducing military rhetoric and changing the alignment of forces, trying to distract Washington’s attention from its intentions and, thus, to ensure tactical unpredictability at the beginning of the offensive,” the author believes.

According to Coffler, Putin’s intention to act is not in doubt. Last week, he confirmed it with the mouth of his minister of defense. The President of Russia seems to believe that it is possible to take advantage of the fact that Biden is in power, and Ukraine is not included in NATO, and seize the eastern part of the country, asserts the Coffler.

The article states that Putin’s statements and other Russian officials in the last days that NATO threatens Russia is also aimed at justifying war.

“Earlier this week, the Minister of Defense of Russia, General Fomin, stated that NATO is preparing for a large-scale conflict with Russia. On the same day, Lavrov Foreign Minister stated that the United States is trying to ignite the” Little War “in Ukraine and dump the whole guilt to Russia “,” Reminds the author.

The article also says that the frost’s Russian troops are traditionally not terrible. “Unfortunately, those who call themselves” experts “in the administration of Byyden are trying to” reformat “relations with Russia, thereby getting trapped Putin,” writes Coffler.