Winner of Tokyo-2020 Rafik Huseynov: “You will win Armenian – you become a hero, lose – enemy of people. It is wrong”

Bronze medalist of the Olympics in Tokyo, Azerbaijani Fighter of the Greco-Roman Style Rafic Huseynov (77 kg) After the victory in the medal battle over Armenian Karapete Chala, shared his impressions.

“I am very glad that I finally won the Olympic medal,” says our athlete. “It was my old dream. I had medals from other competitions, I didn’t have enough Olympic award. I am very glad that I could win the license for the Olympics and speak. in Tokyo.

Victory is a victory. No matter – above Armenian or over a representative of another country. Wrong to share athletes on the nation. This is a wrong approach. It turns out that when you win Armenian, become a hero, and when you lose – the enemy of the people. The main thing that I won the medal. This is the biggest victory for me. And this is the victory of my father.

Yesterday I started in the 1/8 finals with the Swede, who is a silver medalist of the World Cup. I had a small break between the fight with him and the quarterfinal against strong Kirgiz, who had the first duel. And I did not have time to recover. Therefore it did not work.

Today I tried to fix my mistakes. It is clear that bronze is not gold. But the main thing is that I won the award. From our wrestlers here are waiting for a lot. The performance of our heavy artillery is still ahead. We are waiting for success from our “Special Forces” – Gadzhi Aliyev, Mary Stade, Sharif Sharifova … “.