With advent of cold weather in Ukraine, fierce battles continue

In the Kharkov region of Ukraine, fierce clashes between Russian and Ukrainian troops continue.

ANADOLOM ANADOLOSISE captured the front line in the Kupyansky direction, where, despite the harsh winter conditions, fierce battles continue.

The Ukrainian army is trying to repel the attacks that intensified in this direction of the Russian army.

Russian and Ukrainian troops are conducting cross -line fire using mortars and other artillery systems. In the region, shell gaps are constantly heard, both armies actively use combat aircraft, tanks and other armored vehicles.

With the advent of cold weather to the region, where snow has already fallen and the thermometer columns dropped below zero degrees, and the position on the front line and the position of the front. Trenches covered with mud because of the recently fallen precipitated precipitation are covered with ice with the onset of cold weather. The harsh winter conditions complicate the already difficult atmosphere at the front.

The military, deployed on the front line, where the danger of drones or other combat aircraft has remained, the dugouts were equipped, where they installed stoves for heating and cooking.

In an interview with Anadol, the 33-year-old Ukrainian call sign of the call, said that he has been in the army for 6 years.

According to him, on the Kupyansk Front, as well as in other regions of Ukraine, fierce battles are underway.

“Narious battles are underway in the Kupyansk direction. Here, as in Bakhmut, there is no difference in their way. Now the same situation is fixed on the entire front line,” said the military.

The Monk noted that the Russian troops were looking for a “weak” place for a breakthrough of defense, but the Ukrainian military did not allow this.

“We hold the defensive line. We have strong soldiers. We have no more important task, we must hold the defensive line,” he said.

In turn, another Ukrainian military, military commander, said that he was already at the front for 8 months and was ready to fulfill his military duty until the end of the war. “Hot battles continue here, as in Avdeevka, as well as other places,” he said.