World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia could not present another surprise

At the football mundial in Qatar, the 2nd round in the group “C” began. The Polish team with a score of 2: 0 defeated the authors of the main sensation in the 1st round – football players of Saudi Arabia. In the 39th minute, Peter Zelinski distinguished himself, and on the 82nd-Robert Lewandowski.

At the same time, the Arabians could again give a surprise: at the end of the first half, they did not realize the penalty and missed the opportunity to equalize the score.

At 23:00 in this group, the match of Argentina – Mexico will begin.

Tournament position:

1. Polsha – 4 points, ball difference is 2-0 (2 matches)

2. Saudi Arabia – 3, 2-3 (2)

3. Mexico – 1, 0-0 (1)

4. Argentina – 0, 1-2 (1).