World leaders will condemn in connection with earthquake in Morocco

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to King Mohammad VI with condolences after an earthquake that occurred in the country, in which hundreds of people died and suffered.

“accept sincere condolences in connection with the tragic consequences of the destructive earthquake in the central regions of your country. In Russia, they share the experiences and sorrow of the friendly people of Morocco. I ask you to convey the words of sympathy and your relatives of the dead, as well as the wishes of the speedy recovery of all the victims as a result this natural disaster, ”says Putin’s telegram, the text of which is published on the Kremlin website.

Morocco supported their readiness to support the British Foreign Ministry.

“The devastating news about significant destruction right in the vicinity of Marrakesh in Morocco. Great Britain continues to support its citizens in the region. We are ready to help Moroccan friends in any possible way,” the head of the British Foreign Ministry James Cleverly wrote on social networks.

The willingness to help Morocco after the earthquake was also expressed in France.

“We are all shocked by the terrible earthquake in Morocco. France is ready to provide first aid,” wrote French President Emmanuel Macron in the social network X.

The words of support and sympathy were also sounded at the UN.

The United Nations are ready to help the Morocco government in his efforts to help the injured population, ”said Stefan Duzharrik, press secretary of the UN Secretary General. The UN Secretary General Antoniu Gutterish also expressed solidarity with the Moroccan people in connection with what had happened and expressed condolences to the families of victims, the statement of his spokesman said.