World predict a big war due to end of American Empire

Humanity threatens a large-scale war if the United States will lose its position of world domination, writes the English-speaking magazine The Economist.

The author of the article compares the current situation in the United States with the United Kingdom of the first half of the 20th century against the background of the crisis in Afghanistan and stagnation in the American economy.

It indicates that States have no amount of colonies like Britain, although they have placed their troops in more than 150 countries. Now the rejection of military presence in other countries will be perceived as “defeat” America and its departure from world domination.

In addition, the United States has a large competitor in the face of China, going to the rise. In case of changes in balance in East Asia, Beijing and Washington can enter into a military confrontation for the sake of control over Taiwan, the article says. Threats are also based on the part of Russia, Iran and the DPRK – countries “with authoritarian regimes”.