World’s fastest supercomputer launches in Japan

The ceremony to mark the launch of the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, was held at the Computing Center of the Japan State Institute of Natural Sciences (Riken) in Kobe, Kyodo reported.

Partially “Fugaku” was launched in April 2020. In June, he was recognized as the fastest in the world by experts of the international project “Top-500”, who determine the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. In November, this status was reaffirmed. Fugaku also took first place in three other categories, demonstrating the best performance in industrial use, in the field of artificial intelligence and in the analysis of large numbers, reports TASS.

This supercomputer was created by Fujitsu Electrical Corporation in collaboration with Riken. It is capable of over 415 quadrillion calculations per second. This is about 2.8 times the speed of Summit supercomputer from the US National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which previously ranked first in the rankings and now dropped to second place. The third place is also occupied by the American supercomputer, the fourth and fifth positions are taken by cars from China.

According to Kyodo, it was originally planned to bring Fugaku into full operation in April, but it was decided to speed up this process, including due to the need to conduct emergency research related to the spread of coronavirus.