Yemenets and Afghans squeezed Azerbaijanis in rating of investors in real estate in Turkey

The Russians escaped to the leaders of the purchase of real estate in Turkey, for the first time in history, overtaking immigrants from Iran and Iraq. As for the citizens of Azerbaijan, the activity of real estate transactions in Turkey had somewhat slept. But this did not prevent them from staying in the top 10 rating.

According to published statistics, in April this year, foreigners sold 6447 real estate objects in Turkey. The share of transactions with citizens of other states in the total sales for the results of April rose to 4.8%.

A dozen countries whose citizens bought the most housing in Turkey for April is as follows:

Russia – 1152 transactions;

Iran – 905 transactions;

Iraq – 714 transactions;

Kazakhstan – 311 transactions;

Ukraine – 263 transactions;

Afghanistan – 247 transactions;

Germany – 221 transactions;

Yemen – 164 transactions;

Azerbaijan – 156 transactions;

Palestine – 154 deals.