Yemen’s authorities opened Marib-san’s highway

The Yemen government announced the opening of the Marib-san motorway, which was closed for 9 years. This was stated by a member of the Presidential Council of Yemen Sultan al-Arada.

Al-Arada called on the rebels supported by Iran of the Yemensky movement “Ansarullah” (Husit) to take similar steps in the regions controlled by them in order to facilitate the position of the population ..

According to him, the decision was made “after consultations with political and military leaders.” He emphasized the importance of opening all blocked roads, including the road to the city of TAZ in the south-west of the country.

Marib-san’s highway controlled by the government, the city of Marib and the capital of the country, a sanctuary under the control of the Khusitov. The highway has been closed since March 2015, when a civil war broke out in the country.

Civil War and Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

The rebels of the Ansarullah supported by Iran have been holding control over the capital of Yemen, Sina and a number of regions of the country since September 2014.

Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia since March 2015, has been providing support to the Yemen government in the fight against the Hussites.

About 377 thousand people became victims of the war in Yemen. Yemen is one of the poorest countries of the world. The humanitarian crisis in the country, which has grown due to the civil war, reached the scales.

According to UN UNC, due to the Civil War, 73 percent of the inhabitants of Yemen (about 23.4 million people) need humanitarian aid, another 4.3 million people were forced to leave their homes.