Yerevan about Mission of European Union on border of Armenia

The placement of the EU two-year mission in Armenia is civilian and not directed against anyone, the secretary of the ruling parliamentary faction “Civil Treaty” Arthur Ovannisyan.

“The EU Civil Mission is not directed against anyone. There is no geopolitical context, especially the issue of transferring the confrontation of the West Russia to Armenia. These are unreasonable statements,” Ovannysyan said at a briefing on Monday.

According to him, Armenia “is conducting a very active foreign policy with Russia, and with the West, and with Iran.”

“We proceed exclusively from the national interests of Armenia, and we do not see any need to explain to someone that the EU mission is not directed against anyone. This is a civilian mission. Armenia, thanks to its diplomatic efforts, was able to agree with the EU partners to agree with his diplomatic efforts. They sent a mission that it proceeds exclusively from the interests of Armenia, ”said Ovannisyan.

Earlier, the EU Foreign Minister approved the direction of the Civil Mission to Armenia for two years. The purpose of the mission is to promote stability on the boundaries of Armenia. In response to Armenia’s request, the mission will carry out planned patrolling and submit reports on the situation, which should strengthen the EU’s understanding of the situation in the field and contribute to the intermediary efforts of the chairman of the European Council Charles Michel.