Yerevan announced absence of decision to leave CSTO

Armenia’s authorities do not change the foreign policy vector, Yerevan does not have a decision to withdraw from the organization of the collective security agreement (CSTO). This was stated at a briefing by the speaker of the country’s parliament Alain Simonyan, Russian media reports.

“There was no talk of a change in a vector or something in this kind. We are discussing what to do to reduce the dangers that can threaten Armenia. There is no decision to withdraw from the CSTO, but perhaps we are this We do not exclude. Our society also talks about this, we can say that it makes such a requirement, ”said Simonyan.

Simonyan also said that Yerevan is not discussing the withdrawal from the country of the Russian 102nd military base, but he believes that the current security architecture does not work. Also, the Armenian authorities never discussed the possibility of joining NATO, the speaker of the Armenian parliament noted.

“There was no discussion about NATO, we did not discuss this inside our team. As for the European Union, this is not a military alliance, we are ready to strengthen relations. Today, democracy is our largest security system,” he said.

At the same time, Simonyan emphasized that Armenia is trying to “buy weapons in all possible places.”

According to the speaker of the parliament, Armenia should think about the opportunity to become a candidate for the European Union.