Yerevan was called to avoid damage to prospects of world of statements

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry called on the Armenian side to stop making statements that harm the prospects of the world and use the possibilities for turning the region of the South Caucasus into the zone of peace and cooperation.

This is stated in the statement of the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry regarding the unreasonable accusations of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikola Pashinyan, voiced in an interview with the French television channel France 24.

“We call on the Armenian side, which continues aggressive slanderous rhetoric to our country using various international platforms, stop making statements harmful to the prospects of the world, and use the created opportunities to turn the South Caucasus region into the place of peace and cooperation,” – It is said in the statement of the Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry emphasized that the allections that Azerbaijan is supposedly preparing to attack Armenia does not comply with the principles of international law, are a clear distortion of existing facts and pursue the goal of misleading the international community.