Zakharova criticized Senator Graham’s statement about “murder of Russians”

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the words of the American senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham, who considered the death of the Russians “the most successful waste of US money.”

The Russian diplomat said that “one of the American investments led to the Second World War and Holocaust.”

At the same time, Zakharova attracted attention to the statement of the Minister of Economics of German fascist Yalmar Shakhta during the Nuremberg Tribunal, according to which the sponsoring the Third Reich was also abroad.

According to the Russian diplomat, the mines called the two largest American corporations: Ford and General Motors. “An unspoken deal was concluded with him – freedom in exchange for silence. Despite the protests of Soviet representatives, he was released and lived until 93 years old,” wrote a diplomat in his Telegram channel.

Further, Zakharova cited a number of American companies as an example, which, according to the diplomat, helped Hitler, “without abundant to use even the work of prisoners of war.”

“Senator Graham has something to compare with. One of their investments has led to the Second World War and the Holocaust. Now billions of American dollars are poured into an insatiable throat of the neo -Nazi Kiev regime. In this regard, I would like to remind senators and all American beneficiaries, which ended. Previous adventure, ”Zakharova said.

Earlier, during a meeting with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, the American Senator Lindsay Graham said that the Russians are dying and the USA never spent money so successfully. “