Zakharova is already threatened by YouTube

If the YouTube video hosting will block the next briefing of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the representatives of some foreign media or specific foreign journalists await the expulsion, said Maria Zakharova, official representative of the foreign policy department.

In April, the service blocked access to the recording of one of the briefings.

“Another blocked briefing – and we will call a specific name or a specific media that will go to itself,” the Moscow 24 “

television channel quotes Zakharov.

We note that earlier Zakharova threatened Finland for joining NATO.

“This will be a surprise. This is to our defense department. Of course, the corresponding decisions will be made, given the entire complex of factors and the features of how the membership of Finland will develop in NATO. Based on all these parameters, a decision will be made, but, in the first The line, of course, it is behind the military, ”Zakharova answered the question of how Moscow would respond to the accession of Finland to NATO.