Zardusht Alizade: “If there is no military threat to Azerbaijan, then there is no need and in Turkish bases”

“We can conduct exercises along with the Turkish army, our officers can study in Turkey. Our military cooperation can develop. But I do not see political and military necessity to accommodate the Turkish military base in Azerbaijan. This is understood in NATO. Therefore, For them, the military base of Turkey in Azerbaijan is not attractive. ” About this in an interview with local media stated political scientist Zardusht Alizade.

“The placement of the Turkish army in Azerbaijan should serve some purpose. For example, the placement of the Russian military base in Armenia, according to the Kremlin, is aimed at preventing the military threat of Turkey to this country. The United States also has military bases in many countries. All It serves specific military-political goals. There is no military threat to Azerbaijan at present, “he said.

Political analyst also noted that since Azerbaijan has become a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, there is no need to have any foreign military bases.

“during the 44th day war, we eliminated the threat emanating from Armenia. As for the Russian threat, Baku neutralized it thanks to good-neighborly and partner relations with Moscow. If Baku announces his desire to join NATO, as Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, there may be a real threat. Against this background, it would be a good to have a Turkish army in Azerbaijan to prevent any threat that may come from Russia. But now there is no such thing. The political line of Azerbaijan is to membership in the movement of non-aligned. Why then, Russia Being interested in hostility with Azerbaijan? “,” said Zadusht Alizade.