Zelensky announced need for timely defense support

Ukraine needs further timely defense support, the position of the European Parliament will continue to be of great importance for the country. This was stated by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky following a meeting with the head of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

According to him, the position of the European Parliament will continue to be of great importance in terms of the achieved “agreements in Europe regarding defense and general force are really fulfilled”.

“In Ukraine, we are fulfilling all the necessary conditions in order for the negotiation frame to be approved in June, as agreed and in fact, negotiations on Ukraine’s entry into the European Union were actually began,” Zelensky said, whose words are quoted by intrafax -Ukraine.

“We must clearly see the prospect. We are preparing for June the first global summit in Switzerland. The summit, which can and should be a real chance to restore and guarantee a fair world for Ukraine, for all Europe and for every nation that may experience such blows that Ukraine is experiencing now, ”Zelensky noted.

That is why, he said, Ukraine needs “the absolutely clear position of each state, every leader, every international organization for participation in the world summit, to support our common world -common efforts”.

Zelensky also awarded to Mettsol the Order of Merit of the 1st degree for personal merits in strengthening interstate cooperation, supporting state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, a significant contribution to the popularization of the Ukrainian state in the world. “

In turn, the President of the European Parliament Robert Metsola said that “with optimism” awaits the adoption by the EU countries in relations with Ukraine.

“Negotiations about the introduction should begin as soon as possible, and I expect optimism that the negotiating frame will be adopted by EU member countries. In June, the European parliament will help Ukraine with all possible ways to move forward along the European path,” she said according to The results of the meeting with the President of Ukraine.

“We must take responsibility, we must strengthen military support and give a result in our financial support. That is why our decision to provide Ukraine with 50 billion euros as part of the UKRaine Facility program is so important,” she said.

According to Mettsola, “the path to entry will certainly be difficult and the Ukrainian path is largely unique.”

The President of the European Parliament noted that Ukraine will need to restore infrastructure and economics.