Zelensky appealed to Canada

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Tuesday made a video call with the appeal to the Canadian parliament. He thanked the Canadians for the humanitarian and military assistance provided to Ukraine, and called Canada, where about 1.4 million residents of Ukrainian origin live, the firm ally of the Ukrainians. This is reported by “Voice of America”.

Canadian lawmakers were welcomed by Zelensky ovations.

In the video in the video, President of Ukraine said that the protection of Ukraine serves the cause of protection of the whole of Europe. He also stated that his country would withstand the Russian invasion to the end.

Zelensky asked the members of the Canadian Parliament to submit that the bombs fall into the streets and at home not in Ukraine, but in their native cities, and urged Canada’s authorities to strengthen economic and military pressure on Russia.

The Ukrainian president also asked that Canadian parliamentarians and personally prime minister of the Trudo contribute to the establishment of an accident in the airspace of Ukraine.

Vladimir Zelensky, moreover, called on Canada to continue to put pressure on international companies, forcing them to leave the Russian market.

Wednesday, Vladimir Zelensky speaks with a video image to both Congress Chambers.