Zelensky declared condition of Third World War

A possible military union of Russia and China threatens the world with the beginning of the Third World War. So far, Kyiv does not see any actions of Beijing aimed at military support of Moscow, however, if this happens, the relations of Ukraine and China will seriously deteriorate. So said in an interview with the German media, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

“It is important for us that China does not support Russia in this war, – in particular, Zelensky said. – Because if China had entered into an alliance with Russia, the world war would have erupted, and I think that China is aware of this “.

Previously, about the same thought, Zelensky expressed the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. In his opinion, even in the light of the growing tension between Washington and Beijing, China will not be able to take a neutral position in relation to hostilities in Europe for a long time. He also hoped that Beijing would support Kyiv’s plan for a peaceful settlement, which implies a refusal of Russia from the captured territories.

According to Zelensky, he personally turned to the Chinese leaders with a request not to provide any support of Russia in hostilities against Ukraine.

Zelensky also denied the information that the relationship of Kyiv and Beijing seriously worsened over the past year. “Our relations with China have always been excellent, we had a strong economic relationship for many years, and everyone is interested in not changing,” he assured. “The global task is to prevent any risk of nuclear conflict.”