Zelensky does not see prerequisites for dialogue with Putin about world

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that he has not yet seen the probability of negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The head of the Ukrainian state said this during a press conference on Sunday, February 25.

The Ukrainian leader emphasized that he does not see the prerequisites for dialogue with Putin about the world.

“It is still impossible to sit down at the negotiating table with Putin, because he does not want to hear anyone and nothing,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

P, the words of the President of Ukraine, the development of the situation on the battlefield, in particular in issues of loss, depends on partners and their support. He noted that Putin now plans to remain at the head of Russia until 2030. “We would like to finish him before,” Zelensky added.

He also noted that Ukraine does not lose in this war, because it was more difficult only two years ago. Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine “has no alternative not to win.”