Zelensky: final of war should be one – “Victory”

The people of Ukraine will not allow the country’s defeat in conflict with Russia. This was stated by President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in his video message on the occasion of the second anniversary since the beginning of a full -scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“We became 730 days closer to the victory. Someone is waiting for some preacher who would say when she comes, and millions of Ukrainians simply remember Kobzar’s words:” Fight-Fuck! And they have been following this for 730 days “, – said Zelensky.

The president noted that “Ukraine has already passed 730 days of pain, but at the same time 730 days of hope for the highest justice,” and the ending of this war should be alone and it will be – “victory”.

“That is why we always add to the words“ The end of the war ”on our conditions.” That is why the “fair” always sounds “the world”. That is why in a future story near the word “Ukraine” will always be the word “Independent “, – stated the president.

Zelensky and the leaders of the Western countries visited GOSTOL – a village where fierce battles unfolded between Ukrainian and Russian military.