Zelensky: I destroyed oligarchs

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he destroyed the oligarchs in the country.

With this statement at a press conference, he interrupted the issue of journalist “Channel 5”, owned by ex-president Petro Poroshenko, about the fate of the ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Ivan Bakanov.

“I, the President of Ukraine, destroyed the Russian presence in the parliament of the country, destroyed the Russian channels in Ukraine, destroyed the oligarchs. Sorry, one of them is the owner of your channel,” he said.

Zelensky also reproached Poroshenko, noting that under the new president, Ukraine receives NATO weapons and “fights with Russia, and does not sign the treacherous agreements – Minsk agreements and others.”

On July 17, Zelensky stated that he removed Bakanov from the post of head of the SBU. On July 19, the head of state introduced a draft resolution on his dismissal to the Verkhovna Rada, on the same day the Ukrainian parliament voted for the resignation of the head of the special services. The reasons for the dismissal of Bakanov were not named. Vasily Malyuk, who was approved in this position, was appointed to the acting head of the SBU on February 7th.