Zelensky made weekly shutdown of light

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrei Ermak admitted that the power outages in the country may last weeks. In this regard, Ukraine needs a strategic reserve of generators that allies from Europe can provide. This is reported by Interfax Ukraine.

On November 23, Andrei Ermak, on video communications, took part in the launch of Eurosites – a project for the assistance of European cities for the supply of generators to Ukraine. He can help Ukraine “survive the most difficult winter in the modern history of the country.”

“generators are the main equipment that will provide the basic needs of people: light, connection, access to reliable medical care when turning off the blows of Russia. We need them as a strategic reserve in conditions of complete and continuous de -energization, which may last last weeks, ”he said during the speech.

Ermak emphasized that Ukraine needs high -voltage equipment, namely for autotransformers, automatic circuit breakers, relay and discharge. At the same time, according to him, the main priority of Kyiv today is the immediate restoration of the energy network, since the deprivation of citizens of water supply and drainage can provoke a humanitarian catastrophe.