Zelensky: Number Of Victims Of Yesterday’s Attacks In Ukraine Increased To 38

As a result of missile attacks in Ukraine, carried out on Monday, July 8, 190 people increased to 38. This was announced by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“There is a rescue operation after yesterday’s Russian missile attack. As of the moment, 38 dead are known at the moment, among them four children. My condolences to all relatives and friends. 190 people were injured. All of Kiev are in Kiev hospitals. , 28 are hospitalized in Krivoy Rog, 6 people in the Dnieper, ”Zelensky wrote in telegram.

The head of state informed that all patients were transferred to other medical institutions from the Okhmatdet children’s hospital in Kyiv.

“In terms of the places of missiles, emergency rescue operations did not stop all night. About 400 rescuers were involved. I thank everyone who saves and cares about our people, all who are involved, all who helps,” he said.

“We continue our work to increase the protection of our cities and communities from Russian terror. There will be decisions. The world has the necessary power for this,” he stressed.

The Ukrainian side accuses the Russian Federation of attacks on civilian facilities in the country.

The Russian Ministry of Defense refuted the Ukrainian sides accusations of a missile shelling on civilian facilities in Kyiv.

“statements of representatives of the Kyiv regime on the allegedly intentional missile strike of Russia for civilian facilities are absolutely not true,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.