Zelensky responded to statement of Russian Federation about intention to strike on building of SBU

President Vladimir Zelensky responded to the statement of the Russian Federation on the intention to strike on the building of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, calling for international partners to close the sky over Ukraine. This is Zelensky said in a joint interview for Reuters and CNN, the full video of which was published by the office of the President at Facebook.

“The official statement of the General Staff of the Russian Federation that the missile strike will be applied, it seems to me that one of the buildings of the Security Service of Ukraine. The Security Service of Ukraine is located on Vladimir Street. After 200 meters, Sofia Kievskaya is located. Sofia Kievskaya is located Also, the military infrastructure? That is, it is for all people of the Christian world, for Orthodox, not only Christian, for all people who have believers, is a shrine. People just beat missile blows to this city. Old city. In the old Kyiv. Right In the heart of Kiev Rus. That’s what we see. That is, how these values ​​are protected. I protect such things. And what will happen next, we will see, “said Zelensky.

In this regard, the president again calls on international partners to close the sky over Ukraine, and make an offside zone.