Zelensky: Russia no longer knows where to look for reserves

Ukraine causes such a blow to the Russian army that they no longer know where to look for additional reserves. This was told in his video consultant President Vladimir Zelensky.

“ARU behave courageously and creatively. We bring such losses to the enemy that he no longer knows where to look for a reserve, where else to look for help. This is a pathetic sight. But we have no right to relax,” said Zelensky.

He also recall that today there is a volunteer day in Ukraine.

“We may not notice each other in everyday life, but seeing the threat of our life, our spirit, Ukraine, we do not fluctuate a minute if we are Ukrainians. We are uniting and do everything to protect our”, “he said.

Solidarity of all Ukrainians, a powerful volunteer movement and massive entry into the ranks of Terminal Zelensky called the prerequisite for victory.

The head of state also noted that the war is being held, the economy should be restored.

“Life should appear on the streets, where it allows security. Pharmacies, trade, any business, which can work today. In order for the country to live, so that Ukraine’s update began, and it depends on each of us,” said Zelensky