Zelensky: Russian soldiers, trapped in poverty, exported everything from Ukraine, representing any value

Russian soldiers, decades, driven by their state in poverty and disintegration, exported everything from Ukraine, which represents any value, said President Vladimir Zelensky.

“hitting the war and going to the territory of the neighboring state dozens of thousands of Russian military were simply shocked by the normality of life. They are shocked by cities and villages in which people lived and did not help. Shocked by household appliances in homes. Shocked by people enough normal Food, “said Zelensky, speaking on video calls to the South Korean parliament on Monday, writes Interfax.

He added that Russia creates for its citizens the conditions of total poverty, when they cannot afford even the most simple things: normal food, education, ordinary household appliances, as well as conditions when the service in the army is becoming the only one for many of them Social elevator and the possibility of getting at least something in your life.

They simply stuffed by armored personnel carriers, trucks. They crawled cars and tried to take out all the looted, “said the president.

At the same time, he spoke about recorded cases when Russian soldiers got protective plates from their body armor to hide them stolen laptops and tablets.

“It is impossible to believe that a person is so poorly from birth, which considers a laptop more valuable than his own life in war. But that’s what we saw on our Earth, when the Russian army broke,” said Zelensky.

According to the head of state, the war in Ukraine is a collision of two different worlds.

“The world of ordinary people who simply lived a peaceful life, thought about the future and the world of people specially humiliated by their state for decades, specially trapped into poverty and impact so that their power could send to any adventures, on

any war against neighbors, “he summarized.