Zelensky said what he had in mind by “preventive blows”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky explained what he had in mind by “preventive blows” in Russia, writes European truth.

According to him, this meant the introduction of new sanctions against Moscow to prevent a nuclear war. “After this translation, they (Russians-ed.) Did in their own way, as it is beneficial, and began to relay it in other directions … You should apply preventive” blows “(Kicks), and not blows (attacks),”- The head of Ukraine said.

In his opinion, Russia is preparing its citizens for a nuclear strike in Ukraine. “This is very dangerous. They are not ready to do this, use (nuclear weapons, thes). But they start to speak. They will not know whether they will use or will not. I think that it is dangerous to even talk about it,” he added .

Recall that earlier during his speech by the Australian Institute of Lawy Vladimir Zelensky, NATO countries called on “preventive blows” in Russia to keep it from a nuclear attack.