Zelensky turned to Israel: “Do everything so that then it is not ashamed”

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday, June 23, turned through a video conference to students and teachers of the Jewish University in Jerusalem. This was his second speech to Israeli citizens since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Earlier, March 23, he turned to the deputies of the Knesset.

“Tomorrow (February 24) is exactly 4 months since the beginning of the war. I am sure that each of you understands what this tragedy,” Vladimir Zelensky began his performance.


According to the Ukrainian president, Russia uses primitive tactics in the war against Ukraine, trying to erase Ukrainian cities and villages from the face of the earth. “They (Russians) destroy our cities, destroy everything in their path. You can imagine the destruction of 2000 educational institutions in Ukraine? Who needs to be to deliberately shoot in kindergarten? Russia has become a terrorist state. Mariupol erased from the face of the earth, four months There were half a million inhabitants back in this city, and now several tens of thousands. They shoot people on the streets all over Ukraine, torture, rape, ”Zelensky said.


The President of Ukraine, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, expressed gratitude to the Israelis, raising the flags of Ukraine, but added: “We ask for support from your government. So far we do not see Israeli accession to sanctions. We are very grateful for humanitarian assistance, for medicines. We feel that your society understands the situation, but with your government we have no real contact. “

expressing criticism of the Israeli government, Vladimir Zelensky spent a parallel with Luxembourg. “Such a small country with a population of only 600,000 people provided us with assistance in the amount of 15 percent of its defense budget,” he said. “And what about Israel? We understand how difficult the situation is in your country, but we wanted to see more help. Unfortunately, we do not see yet. “

According to Zelensky, they feel that the Israeli society understands what is required for Ukraine, but such an understanding is not observed with the leaders of the Israeli government. “I have no answer to this question,” the president said. “But I understand that we still have to interact in the future. The main thing is that then we are not ashamed to look each other’s eyes.”

The performance was completed by Vladimir Zelensky with an expression of confidence in the victory of Ukraine. “Glory to Ukraine!” – he said. Those present met these words with a ovation, writes Vesty.co.il.