Zelensky: Ukraine can get an advantage in air

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke to the participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Zelensky noted that the lesson of successful combat operations of the defense forces of Ukraine is obvious: the greater the loss of the Russian army, the less its threat becomes.

“Putin is trying to normalize what was supposed to end in the twentieth century: mass deportations, treated with the ground of the city and village and the terrible feeling that war may never end,” he said.

The head of the Ukrainian state continued his speech with the following words: “His (President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin) The answer to the question of the duration of the war is always a war, endlessly. He wants it. His response on the verge of chaos in the world is the boundless support of terrorist forces He enjoys conflicts that cause suffering to others. His response to the proposals of the world is the supply of more and more weapons from North Korea and Iran. Such modes as it exist as long as they wage wars. “

According to Zelensky, Ukrainians began their defense at a time when almost no one in the world believed in Ukraine.

“But we turned the situation so that now the world has ceased to believe in Russia. Even the current friends of Putin in Pyongyang and Tehran simply use his madness while he still has technologies and resources to pay them. No one believes in his future And he does not invest in him. And we, all of us, today – even more than yesterday – we must invest in the approach of the world – the world of fair and stable, ”added Zelensky.

He recalled that everyone thought that there were missiles in Russia that cannot be shot down.

“Patriots” knocks down everything. Many were afraid of the consequences if Ukraine receives long -range weapons. As a result, Russia only suffers heavy losses, ”the president emphasized.

According to him, everyone heard that Russia will never allow you to create a “grain corridor” without its participation.

“almost 16 million tons of cargo were transported from our ports. And we can prove that Russia will reconcile with the full loss of its Black Sea Fleet, which terrorized merchant ships,” the head of state said.

Zelensky expressed confidence that Ukraine can get an advantage in the air just as it received in the Black Sea.

“We can do this. Partners know what is needed and in what quantities. This will achieve progress on Earth,” he outlined.