Zelensky: Why do I need all these warnings? It would be better to give weapons

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky claims that he did not believe in the possibility of a full -scale war with Russia, despite warnings from Western partners. He said this in an interview with The Washington Post.

“Nobody believed that it would be so. And no one knew this. And now everyone says that we warned you, and you warned with general phrases. When we said, give us specifics – where will they come from, how many people and So forth – everyone had the same amount of information as with us. And when I said: “It is good if they come from here and there will be heavy battles here, can we get weapons to stop them?” We didn’t get it. Why. Why. Why. Why. I am all these warnings? Why should I drive our society crazy? ”Said the president.

Zelensky recalled that the Russian Federation wages a hybrid war against Ukraine and long until February 24 inflicted energy, political and financial blows.

“They needed a course of our wartime currency so that we did not have gasoline. So they did everything like this: we did not have fuel, we did not have gas, we were cut off so that the heating season led to destabilization within the country, And so that people know that there are risks of currency devaluation, so they would withdraw money. In general, they did it so that we stop being a country, and by the time of their invasion would already be a rag, not a country. That’s what they were betting on . We did not go for it, ”says the head of state.

According to Zelensky, in the future people will decide whether it was correct or not. He also added that he had the feeling that the Russians wanted to prepare Ukraine for soft surrender.