Zhirinovsky: “Russia should have Western borders, same as USSR on January 1, 1990”

Russia in the unfolded confrontation with the West there is a “great chance” to remain the only superpower, considers the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This reports “Rosbalt”.

“Now we have a historical moment when we have to win by the West,” Zhirinovsky said. According to him, it will not be enough if the Russian leadership will be able to stop the expansion of NATO to the East. He noticed that it would not change anything. It is necessary to drastically solve the question, said Zhirinovsky.

“It is necessary to require the full dissolution of NATO as a military-political bloc, to completely remove foreign troops from any European country … Nuclear weapons, except for Russia, must be destroyed on the European continent. All sanctions must be canceled by once, and not for a piece. Russia should be Western borders are the same as the USSR as of January 1, 1990 – only if the question is growing, “said Zhirinovsky.

The leader of the LDPR is confident that the West will refuse to fulfill these requirements. “Then we must use our advantage in the military-technical field – without this we will not succeed. We need to drastically solve the problem to remain among several superpowers. On three world does not pull. Now we can do it, the great chance is That weapon, which is still only with us, so it must be done so that someone can threaten us, “the LDPR leader said.

Zhirinovsky is convinced that the West “scares and retreat”: “… they never fought: the American army never went to the offensive, they did not take Berlin, and the French were broken back at Napoleon, the Germans in Hitler – no one to fight “.

“Americans cashed out. It is necessary to strongly explain to them and they will start a retreat, otherwise we must arrange them so that they fled both from Afghanistan, but here we will catch them up. For the victory of Russia in a new war!” – Specified Zhirinovsky.