Zuckerberg caught in using a competitor messenger

Among the victims of Facebook personal data from the mass leakage, the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg also turned out to be. His phone became public domain. It turned out that the billionaire number was tied to the Signal messenger – direct competitor WhatsApp, reports “Gazeta.Ru”.

The incident occurred at the end of last week. Hackers published personal data and phone numbers of more than 500 million users of the Facebook social network. An open access was the data of 32 million Americans, 11 million British, 6 million in India and nearly 10 million Russians.

Cyber ​​security specialist Dave Walker placed a screenshot from the forum on Twitter. According to him, Zuckerberg “takes care of its privacy”, so uses the services of another company.

“Regarding Data Leak 533 million – irony in the fact that, unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg also among them. Once journalists cannot achieve a statement from Facebook, maybe they should call him on the number in the network?” – Commented on the author of the publication.

He also noticed that the published Tsuckerberg phone was tied to the Signal Messenger, which has a reputation as one of the most secure messages for messaging.

“Another turn – Mark Zuckerberg takes care of its privacy, so uses a messenger who has ended encryption and which does not belong to Facebook,” the expert shared the opinion.

So he hinted that whatsapp belonging to Facebook was often criticized for the negligence attitude to user privacy.

“Mark shows us all the example of what to do, because Deadline on May 15 to adopt new rules in Whatsapp is inexorably approaching,” said the Signal administration.