Accused of Gosizman Salimov was sentenced to 17 years

In the Baku court for serious crimes, the trial in the criminal case of Sabukhi Salimov, accused of state treason, was completed.

According to, at the hearing, chaired by Judge Eldar Ismailov, the prosecutor, who requested the accused of 17 years in prison. The court verdict was later announced, according to which Salimov was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Sabukhi Salimov was detained by employees of the State Security Service in October last year. He was charged under Article 274 of the Criminal Code (state treason). According to the text of the indictment, Salimov repeatedly traveled to Iran, where he met with local special services and took money from them. Employees of KSIR instructed Salimov various tasks, including holding a protest of the Israeli Embassy in Baku, during which he was supposed to burn the flag of the Jewish state. Salimov denied him the charges, stating that he did not commit acts incriminated to him not at the direction of the special services of Iran, but by virtue of his religious beliefs.