After Drak, Armenian parliament adopted Government of Pashinyan

Armenian parliament after all the fights, scraps, scandals between the deputies finally approved the program of the new government of Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan.

“70 deputies voted for the adoption of the government program, against – zero, abstained – zero,” said the speaker of the parliament Alain Simonyan, reports TASS.

The opposition did not participate in the voting and during the introductory word Nicola Pashinyan left the meeting room.

According to the new program, in the foreign policy of Armenia will adhere to the current course, strengthening relations with Russia, the USA, France, the European Union, Iran and Georgia. In the economy, one of the main tasks is to increase productivity at enterprises. The Armenian government also plans to include compulsory insurance and health system.

Note that the discussion of the program of the Armenian government took place in a tense atmosphere. It happened to a mass brawl, verbal overhanging between the deputies from the ruling party and the opposition, the entrance went even chairs and bottles.