American-Iranian Judoka Friendship Series To Be Shot

MGM / UA Television and the Israeli company Tadmor Entertainment have received the right to artistically embody the history of friendship between the Iranian world judo champion Said Mollai and his Israeli counterpart Sagi Muki in a mini-series, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Mollai made headlines for the first time by refusing to return to Iran after being ordered to abandon his 2019 fight with Muki in Japan and came to Tel Aviv in February to compete in the International Federation’s Grand Slam competition. judo (IJF). Mollai represented Mongolia at the two-day event.

After Mollai arrived in Israel, Israeli judoka Sagi Muki posted a photo of them hugging each other on social media.

The project is being developed in collaboration with Mollai and Muki, as well as with the IJF, led by President Marius Wieser. The series will feature exclusive and highly interesting facts and interviews with athletes about dramatic moments in their careers.