Artificial intelligence begins to play an active role in diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Artificial intelligence begins to play an active role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This was stated by the founder of the Association of hematological rare diseases prof. Fevzy Altuntash in an interview with Anadola.

He noted that important studies were conducted on the use of artificial intelligence, which began to be used in many areas, including in the field of healthcare, and in a short time progress was achieved.

Altuntash emphasized that artificial intelligence is vital, especially in the diagnosis of cancer.

“The inefficiency of healthcare has reached about 40 percent at the global level. About half of these losses are associated with processes that can be corrected clinically or quickly using artificial intelligence applications. Artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on improving routine business processes and increasing efficiency, for example, for example , for checking the paths of treatment and insurance of patients, improving medical records and data sets. It will also strengthen the possibilities of doctors in diagnosis and treatment. Despite the fact that it is still very new, it allows specialists in medical visualization to distinguish, determine, classify and classify and classify and Interpret the images obtained using radiography, PET/scanning, MRI and ultrasound, ”Altuntash said.

According to him, artificial intelligence facilitates the assessment of the genome studies using advanced molecular methods, which allows you to analyze the patient’s condition by studying symptoms using databases.

“This facilitates the diagnosis by conducting the necessary tests and the appointment of the corresponding treatment. For example, identifying and analyzing the protein associated with cancer on the images of the biopsy, you can quickly diagnose and begin treatment,” the professor explained.

Altuntash said that artificial intelligence will become a digital instrument that will help to facilitate medical research, clinical research and healthcare solutions using advanced information technologies.

“has developed an automatic method of diagnosing cancer based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to detect the presence of breast cancer by examining the cells of lymph nodes,” Altuntash informed.