Authorities of Kazakhstan allocated additional funds to combat locust

The Government of Kazakhstan will allocate 3.9 billion tenge to prevent the invasion of locusts this year. The corresponding decision was signed by the Prime Minister of the Republic Alikhan Smailov, the Cabinet’s website says.

“, in particular, 3.9 billion tenge was allocated from the government reserve for urgent costs to ensure a full -scale chemical processing against herd locusts for the entire predictable area to prevent their mass development and distribution, damage to pastures, destroy crops of agricultural crops, as well as their migrations in the adjacent territories of neighboring states, ”the message will say.

In 2023-2024, the peak of the 11-year-old propagation cycle of locusts.

“in recent years in the country there has been an increase in the distribution area of ​​herd locusts: in 2020 – 514 thousand hectares, in 2021 – 626 thousand ha, in 2022 – 975 thousand hectares. In 2023, 1,585 was predicted in 2023 thousand hectares, in fact processed – 1,616 thousand hectares, ”the message says.

The allocated additional funds will be aimed at conducting chemical treatments against herd locust pests on an area of ​​1.3 million hectares.

In Kazakhstan, herds are widespread (Asian locusts, Italian Pruss and Morocco locusts) and non -fragmentary types of locusts.