Azerbaijani killer still prepared terrorist attack

Terrorism is the main version of the Cyprus police, explaining the motive of Azerbaijani killer’s actions in an attempt to kill Israeli businessmen, in particular Billionaire Teddy Sagi, reports Jerusalem Post.

Cyprus law enforcement agencies found evidence that Killer intended to make an attempt in a Muslim holiday, which was regarded as “Messed”.

We will remind, earlier, the Cyprus police detained 27-year-old Pakistan, on the phone whose Phone Correspondent with a killer was discovered. According to the police, the form of a food company was discovered in the car in Azerbaijani, in which his accomplice-Pakistani worked.

Note that on September 27, Cyprus police arrested 38-year-old Azerbaijanis with a Russian passport on charges of attempted Israeli businessmen.

The official representative of the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benneti Mathan Sidi said that the attempt was ordered by Iranian special services.