Azerigaz representatives have reported their activities since beginning of year

“since the beginning of 2022 in Azerbaijan there were 650 thousand gas meters with an expired shelf life, of which 210 thousand have been replaced by new 9 months. These figures are updated every day, since the period of the periodic audit is 5 years.” The head of the department for the use and management of the Azerigaz meters Rovshan Mahiddinov stated this during the “Open Day” by Azerigaz, according to the results of 9 months of work, reports.

He also noted that in addition to the meters of the G-4 brand, the preliminary installation of the G-6 meters.

Deputy Head of the Azerigaz department Ilham Mehbaliev announced the gasification of the regions of Azerbaijan: “Currently, gasification work continues in a total of 73 villages and residential arrays. Over the past period, work in 26 villages and residential arrays has been completed , there the gas infrastructure is in the process of commissioning, ”said Mehbaliev, emphasizing that in 2023 Azerigaz will expand the volume of work.

The head of the public relations department of Eldaniz Veliev turned to the public: “We ask local executive bodies and municipalities not to issue permits and any permits for the construction of individual residential buildings in the territories that are not on their balance sheet. Such steps cause discontent between citizens living in territories whose gasification is impossible, and Azerigaz.