Bloomberg said richest families of world 31 October

Bloomberg in his annual ranking named the richest families of the world. The rating of the richest families of the world according to the edition of the publication in a row was headed by the Walton family, which owns the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade Walmart. The agency estimated the state of the family at $ 224.5 billion, in a year it decreased by $ 13.7 billion

The number of stores around the world now exceeds 10.5 thousand, the company’s revenue is $ 573 billion. The Walton family owns 47% of the network.

The top 10 richest families also included: the Family of Mars, the owners of the manufacturer of confectionery and products for a long storage of Mars – $ 160 billion (+$ 18 billion per year); Koch family, owners of the American petrochemical corporation Koch Industrues – $ 124.4 billion (+$ 4.4 billion); The Saudi Royal Family Al Saud – $ 105 billion (+$ 5 billion); The Erme family, owners of the French House Hermes House – $ 94.6 billion ( – $ 17 billion); Family of Ambani, owners of the Indian Holding for the production and processing of oil Reliance Industries – $ 84.6 billion ( – $ 9.1 billion); The Vertheimer family, owners of the French fashion house Chanel – $ 79 billion (+$ 17.2 billion); Cargill family, owners of the agricultural company Cargill – $ 65.2 billion; Family Thompson, owners of the Reuters information agency control package – $ 61.2 billion; The Hoffmann family, minority owners of the Swiss pharmoceptic company Roche Holding – $ 45.1 billion

According to Bloomberg, the total state of the richest 25 families of the world is $ 1.5 trillion, which is $ 143 billion less than a year earlier. At the same time, the agency notes, the state of some super -rich families, such as Rockefellers, is not taken into account, since their assets are “too difficult to track”.