Border crisis: India and China accuse each other

Negotiations between India and China to settle the border conflict failed, reports Reuters.

Foreign Ministry of India reported that on Sunday, on October 10, a meeting was held between representatives of both countries, but “failed to achieve progress in negotiations.” The agency accused China in one-sided attempt to change the status quo.

“India continued to insist on unreasonable and unrealistic requirements,” said the representative of the Western Command of the Army of China Long Shahua.

Recall that since last year, thousands of military on both sides have encountered the Ladakh region, which is the object of disputes between the two nuclear powers. During the conflict, about 20 soldiers of the Indian army died. According to various sources, China also suffered a loss.

Note that in 1962, the war began between the two countries, in which India suffered defeat, and China took a strategically important area of ​​Aksachin, thus tied two regions – Xinjiang and Tibet. In India, still consider these territories part of their region Ladakh. The boundaries formed after the war were never demarked, and the problem of controversial territories is still not permitted.