Bulgaria: construction of gas pipeline for Azerbaijani gas began

President of Serbia Alexander Vuchich and his Bulgarian colleague Rumen Radev in the village of Kostinbrod near Sofia, the construction of a connecting gas pipeline intended for deliveries from Azerbaijan, Greece and other sources, alternative Russia.

This gas pipeline will combine the gas transmission systems of Serbia and Bulgaria and will allow Serbia to receive Azerbaijani gas transported through the transdriatic gas pipeline (TAP).

The ceremony was also attended by President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev, the head of the EU permanent delegation in Serbia Emmanuel Jofre and members of the government of the two countries.

“We rejoiced that the first time from Europe received more money: a grant of 49 million euros. Another 25 million euros are financed by the European Investment Bank. And here they say: Bulgarians – 218 million! We, we cannot dream of so much, Ruman get for energy infrastructure. Maybe one day there will be for us, Serbs, ”Vucic said to the audience.

He noted that “this is an important day for Serbia, for Bulgaria and the entire region.”

“We continue to connect the two countries, two peoples and our economies. The new gas transmission jumper will strengthen the security of citizens and give a chance for new investments,” the head of state emphasized.


The President of Serbia also expressed hope that until the end of the year, “blue fuel” will be delivered not only to Serbia and Bulgaria, but also to other countries of the region.

The total length of the inter-systemic gas transmission jumper “Bulgaria-Serbia” will be 170 km, of which 109 km in Serbia. It will be possible to pump up to 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas per year in both directions.

The jumper will function in combination with LNG terminal in Alexander Polyis (Greece), will receive access to the southern gas corridor and provide alternative gas supply from Azerbaijan.

The cost of the project, according to the European Investment Bank, will be 85.5 million euros.

The opening of the gas pipeline is expected in October.