Businessman Babayev Businessman: Police Colonel detained

Russian entrepreneur of the Azerbaijani origin of Karim Babayev, chapter of an influential businessman dynasty, declared a criminal in mid-April 2021. According to the materials of the criminal case, he headed the criminal business empire at the Rostov and Aksai district border. And almost two dozen detainees, including his sons of Edward and Vadim and the ex-chapter of the Aksai district Vitaly Borzenko, only helped Babaev-senior to create a huge underground enterprise.

The fugitive was searched through Interpol, but, according to, he did not leave the territory not that Russia, but even the Aksay district. For unknown, the reason for Karim Babaev decided not to use the opportunities to escape from the country – they recognized our sources, were in the first days and even the weeks – and tried to “reinforce” on a well-known territory.

hid Karim Babaev in one of the farms in the Aksai district. Here, he once noticed a local resident who collaborates with the operatives of the criminal investigation of the transport police. The informant spoke about the suspicions of “his” policeman. When the identity was confirmed, the strictest secretion was prepared for the arrest operation. As I wrote, the effect of surprises was a success: Babayev was shocked, seeing security forces on the threshold of his secret housing.

detained Babayev on November 9th. After that, two more defendants appeared in the case – businessman Rifat Kappaev and Head of the Department of Migration OMVD Aksay district, Colonel Sergey Melnikov.

Melnikova suspected in collaboration with members of the Borzenko – Babaev Group, which controlled the largest markets near Rostov.

According to the information respondents, security forces, a high-ranking policeman was removed from the service. The investigation assumes that Melnikov, being the head of the Migration Department, covered the illegal activities of migrants who worked in the markets. In particular, the source says, helped hide illegal immigrants during raids and special operations.

“In Russian Talking, Sergey Veniaminovich was a certain” roof “for workers from Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. All of them were in Rostov illegally, and many worked on linden documents,” says one of the interlocutors.

According to the second source, the investigation entered Melnikov after several interrogations of Karim Babayev and Alexander Karpenko. Colonel – the first detainee representative of the internal bodies in the case of Babaeva.

Since April 2021 in a criminal case, more than eleven people related to the Babaev family, including the long-term chapter of the Aksai district Vitaly Borzenko, were arrested. A criminal case is connected by the blocking “Atlanta” and other large markets near Rostov after the raid of Silovikov on April 27. The investigation believes that the suspects illegally got the land with the assistance of Borzenko official.