Buta Airways has reduced ticket costs up to 29 euros on all flights

Azerbaijani Lourogenger Buta Airways resumed the possibility of purchasing tickets at the Budget rate, the cost of which begins on 29 euros. This tariff was temporarily unavailable during the actively phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tickets at the Budget rate, as before, can only be purchased on the airline’s website www.butaairways.az. The option of free luggage is missing in it. However, check-in for the flight at the airport will be free, as in other airline fare. The choice of places in the cabin is offered in the form of a paid service on all three airline fares.

Budget tariff operates on all special flights of Buta Airways, which includes the following directions: Istanbul, Alania, Izmir, Ankara, Moscow (Zhukovsky Airport), Ufa, Kazan, Astrakhan, Kiev, Tbilisi, Er-Riyad, Damma.

In the cabin of the aircraft within the framework of the Budget Tariff, free accessories are allowed:

• A small bag for personal belongings or a bag for a camera and a laptop computer, dimensions that do not exceed 30x35x10 cm (bags follow only the purpose);

• Outerwear, coat or raincoat, costume in portpel (portplide should be used only by destination);

• Bouquet of colors (should not exceed the allowable sizes of hand-made);

• Baby food and children’s road cradle, light children’s folding stroller (transported in the luggage compartment of the Sun), which may be needed during the flight with children;

• Folding wheelchair (transported in the luggage compartment of Sun) and crutches or a cane for a passenger with limited physical abilities;

• Umbrella and a certain amount of reading materials during flight.

Also, in addition to the “Budget” tariff, on special flights of the airline, it is proposed to purchase flights on the Tariffs “Standard” and “Super”, including 10 kg and 23 kg of registered baggage, respectively.