CHBO Secretary: Ukraine was preparing for an attack, but did not expect a “strike in back” from Belarus

Ukraine began to prepare for the invasion of Russia back in November 2021, but did not expect that the attack will be made from the territory of Belarus, the secretary of the National Security Council and Defense of Ukraine Alexey Danilov.

Danilov on the air “Radio Liberty” said that the authorities of Ukraine clearly understood that the invasion of the Russian troops would take place, although they did not report this to the Society so that chaos did not begin.

The secretary of the Ukrainian National Security Council admitted that the attack on the part of Belarus did not mean in defense plans: “We did not expect such a blow to the back. We did not expect that they would go through all the fronts. It was a surprise.”

Danilov clarified that Ukraine was prepared for exacerbation in Kharkov, Sumy, Lugansk and Crimean directions.