Danilov: victory of Ukraine is matter of time

The Russian Federation requires Ukraine and the surrender of state interests, however, the turning point has already come, said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexei Danilov to local television.

According to Danilov, despite the recognition of Russia by the state that sponsored terrorism, the statements of institutions continue to be sluggish, as before.

“I believe that Europe, together with the entire democratic world, should act more practically in relation to Russia. They require negotiations from us, demand the surrender of our state interests, realizing that we cannot go along this path, completely from the word “, – Danilov explained.

According to him, it was Russia who began the war and, “if Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to complete it, he must reach the borders of 1991, after that it will be possible to begin certain negotiations.”

Danilov also noted that the situation on the battlefield is no longer the same that was in February or in March, taking into account military assistance to Kyiv from Western partners.

“We will fight, both for our freedom and freedom of Europe. We are doomed to this – such a fate. We must make sure that our children and grandchildren will not finish with Russia, we must put an end to the question. The question our victory and what it will be – a matter of time, now Russia is trying to go with us from all sides to take a break to get together again, ”he said.