Due to floods in Kazakhstan, oil production was suspended on 634 wells

In connection with the PADIKA situation in a number of oil -producing enterprises of the Aktobe and Atyrau regions of Kazakhstan, 634 wells were suspended. The total loss of oil production amounted to 16 thousand tons. This was reported by the Kazakhstani news agency Zakon.kz with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic.

According to the department, to date, the work of 141 wells has been restored.

Still suspended mining for 493 wells, of which: 489 wells were suspended in the Aktobe region (CNPS – Actobemunaigaz JSC 440 wells, KMK Munai JSC 25 wells, AD AL OIL LLP 24 wells. Four wells were suspended areas (Embamunaygaz JSC – three wells, TOO “5A Oil” – one well), they communed in the department.

Representatives of the Ministry of the Ministry of Education noted that work is underway to restore, including pumping water with pumping equipment and assemblies, filling with soils, de -energization and sealing of wells, as well as assistance in the construction of new and strengthening existing anti -flowering collapses in settlements, work for raising and repairing dams

It was previously reported that the 2 billion 200 million tenge confiscated by oligarchs will be directed to eliminate the consequences of the floods.