EU will allocate 9 million euros to strengthen air defense system

The European Union for free will provide the National Army of Moldova with a new packet of assistance in the amount of 9 million euros to strengthen the capabilities of the air defense.

According to the press service of the Moldavian defense department, assistance will be received by the European Fund of the World (EPF), the mechanism of extra-budget financing of the EU, which have military and defense significance in the framework of general foreign policy and security policy.

The new package is part of a wider cooperation with the EU in the field of defense and is received at the request of the Republic of Moldova, based on the assessment of risks and threats in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and its impact on national security, the Ministry of Defense of Moldova said.

“New support involves the purchase of air defense systems, which must be concluded under the contract, purchased and delivered in accordance with the schedule agreed with the EU. The supply of equipment of the National Army will precede the agreement between the EU and the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which ensures compliance with the requirements and conditions of the European tool of the world “, – follows from the message.

The department emphasized that since 2021 EU support allows Moldova to significantly increase the operational efficiency of the National Army in accordance with the EU standards and compatibility.

“Thus, the defense department will increase and modernize its capabilities to protect the critical civil infrastructure, as well as the population in crisis and emergency situations. It will also strengthen its possibilities for participation in international missions, including the EU, thereby contributing to the global peace and security, ”the Ministry of Defense emphasized.